BBQ Sauce

When talking about meat, most of us agree that the BBQ sauce (Barbeque) is one of the best accompaniments. It is a sauce whose ingredients vary depending on its origin and may include mustard and black pepper to sugar and molasses, which gives it its characteristic flavor.


Tasty suggestions based on BBQ sauce

* Make BBQ Pizza: Instead of the classic tomato sauce, put a barbecue sauce, add cheese, beef or chicken and other ingredients of your choice and good appetite!

* Idea for Mexican: Put on baked beans and veal that you have sautéed with peppers and onions for Mexican flavor.

* Potatoes temptation: Try to stew the potato with the sauce and you will be amazed! Wash them well, cut them into large pieces without peeling them, salt them, squeeze a little garlic, barbecue and put them in the oven!

* It also goes to salads: It can be dressed as a dressing for chicken salads. * Delicious chicken feathers: Fry or bake chicken wings and let them "swim" in the barbecue sauce.

* Delicious chicken feathers: Fry or bake chicken wings and let them "swim" in the barbecue sauce.

*Give flavor and taste to the meat:  Make the marinade or sausage for steaks, pansies, chicken, sausage and kids.

* Make sandwich: Give extra flavor to your sandwich by dipping the bread roll with the sauce.

* BBQ Burger Instantly:  Make handmade homemade hamburgers with beef burger and barbecue.

* Make it a dip: Barbecue is a very nice dice for meat and cheese meats, and for potato chips and other snacks.

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