Cheddar Sauce

The well known cheddar sauce for Natsos, you can now enjoy it with Burgers, French fries, Pasta and Vegetables.  

Tasty suggestions based on cheddar sauce:

  • On potatoes: Try it on french fries with bacon or without for sinful calorie enjoyment.
  • In burger: Make your own burger and do not forget to add a dose of Cheddar. 
  • In Pasta: Make your favorite pasta and put them in the oven for a few minutes having added Cheddar sauce. 
  • As a dip: Classic combination as a dash to nachos. 
  • Croquettes: Use it on cheese croquettes along with other yellow and white cheeses. 
  • In pumpkin soups: Add a dose of cheddar for special flavor and aroma in the end of the velvet soup.

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