Dressing & Sauces

Authentic light-hearted flavor that reminds you of a homemade recipe. Ideal for sandwiches and pasta salads.
Extra flavor and aroma for all those who love mayonnaise. It is combined with cold sandwiches and salads.
Classical sweet and spicy taste with a characteristic aroma, suitable to accompany fried potatoes, meat and hot sandwiches.
Made from fine mustard with distinctive spicy flavor. It can be used to enhance the taste of meat, as a component in marinades and dressing, but also in roast potatoes.
Fresh, with light flavor, ideal to accompany Caesar's classic salad.
Sweet and spicy with smoke flavor ideal for your meats. Try soaking chicken wings and baking them!
Aromatic and rich take off the pizza.
Mustardmayonnaise with herbs, ideal for green salads and cold sandwich sausages.
Made of fresh raw materials combined with mayonnaise giving a cool note to meat and sandwiches
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