Fasting Salads

The creamy texture and the good quality of tarama are those that characterize our company's taramosalata. Suitable for fasting and ouzo.
Based on traditional recipe, made with excellent quality ingredients for original taste. Accompanies toyr fasting and oyzo.
Simple and delicious with fresh vegetables and herbs. Rich flavor full of perfumes. Capable of accompanying the period of fasting but also as an appetizer on a bread roll
A Greek dish made of fresh potatoes, with creamy texture. Suitable to accompany sage or other fish fillets. Ideally combined with boiled greens.
Classic recipe for legumes, beyond the time with all that a full meal offers. Accompanying for fasting but also in combination with green vegetables.
Delicious and tasty cabbage combined with fresh vegetables, based on a traditional recipe. Ideal to accompany your dishes as well as your diet along with a full meal.
Fresh potatoes, vegetables and herbs create the most tasteful potato salad that any meal should be accompanied.
Classical Macedonian salad for your meats. It is combined in a cold sandwich with gruyére or feta cheese.

Oriental snack of chickpeas and tahini that can be used as dips or as accompanying meats.

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